Seattle Blinds do so much, including filtering natural light and maintaining privacy. They also keep your home cool in the summer, but life with kids, pets, or an absent-minded spouse can cause damage. While they can be easy to maintain, typical window blind problems can compromise your privacy, comfort, and decor. Here are a few standard window blind repair issues and solutions. Listed below are some standard solutions to common problems. Let’s look at each one in detail.

Window Blinds

Replace broken slats and broken lift cords. Then replace broken or cracked slats with new ones. Replace the lift cord if the broken one has broken. You can also replace the fractured slat with an extra slat. Lastly, you can repair a broken slat by adjusting the cord. To repair a window blind, follow these simple tips. Once you’ve fixed the problem, you can install the new window blinds in your home.

Broken blind strings: Broken blind strings can cause a blind to tilt open or close. Replace them with new ones if they are damaged. Replacement slats will depend on the size and number of damaged slats. Contact a repair service for a professional replacement if your blinds have broken strings. These repair services are quick and easy to perform. They include broken cords, slats, and tilters. So, what are the most common blind repair requests?

Pull cords: If your blinds are suspended from the headrail, you can cut the cord and thread it through. The new cord will serve as a pull string. Remember to not pull the cord out of the blinds while doing this, as you could undo all your work. You will then be able to adjust the blinds properly. If your blinds are hanging on a tilt, you’ll need to thread the strings through the headrail.

New blind cord: Before replacing the old cord, it’s important to study the original light string and take photos for reference. Ensure that your blinds are fully extended before feeding the new cord through the slats. If you’re replacing a cord, you may want to remove the blind from the headrail and lay it on the ground. Once the new cord is attached, hot glue the old one to the new one.

Constant humidity: Humidity changes in the air over time can cause window treatments to weaken and unable to perform their functions properly. If you suspect that your window treatments may need repair, you should contact a professional cleaning and repair service. A professional can help you re-string them or fix other joint problems. It’s better to avoid replacing your window treatments than risk a costly repair. When it comes to repairing window treatments, call a professional.

Window treatments are a necessary part of functional space. They help control light, temperature, and privacy while complementing the interior decor. In some cases, it can become difficult to replace the window treatments entirely. Blinds repair is an affordable alternative to complete replacement. A skilled window covering repair company will take care of any damage. Some company offers many services in this area and will work on most major brands. They also have factory-trained installers.

The repair process can be simple. First, you must remove the old lift cord and thread the new one through the hole. On wood blinds, this step involves snarling the old cord. You can also pull the vertical blinds back up by pulling on the old lift cord and attaching the new one with plastic pulls. Once you have done this, you can rehang the blinds and make them functional again. In some cases, vertical blinds might be stuck, and you can quickly fix them by spraying them with silicone or a new cord.

The cost of blind repairs varies widely. Depending on the size and number of parts required, you can expect to pay $49 to over $129, though the average cost is around $79.